Don't really know what this movie was thinking. It's such a simplistic and far from original or exciting one, that you are actually wondering why it got made in the first place.

The weird thing about the movie is that it doesn't even really seem to follow a story. It's just basically about a family on the run, for some sort of super-storm, that got caused by some sort of machine that ripped a hole into the ozone layer, or something like that. I don't even know really, since the movie does such a poor job explaining anything. I really don't see how a hole in the ozone layer could cause hurricanes or floods in the first place. I'm also still not sure about it if this movie was supposed to send out a sort of environmental message as well, or if it simply was to be meant as simple and silly entertainment.

It's not just a problem that the story is lacking any depth or layers to it but what is even worse about is that it doesn't know how to setup anything. It literally throws you right into the storm, so there is never any buildup, involving any sort of tension or character development. This is the foremost reason why this movie is such an incredibly ineffective one to watch. It constantly lets stuff happen, without ever building up toward anything interesting, exciting or mysterious.

Of course the special effects are also far from the best you'll ever see. But you sort of have to take that for granted, while watching a movie of this sort and caliber. But really, special effects for weather elements are some of the hardest to do, so why even bother with it, when you clearly don't have the budget to pull off a convincing enough job with it.

What makes the movie all the more painful to watch is its dialog, which is truly quite horrible. The movie further more features plenty of moments in it that don't even make sense or are utterly pointless. It's an awfully directed movie and I'm actually wondering if there truly constantly was a director on set, when this movie got made.

Still I'm not seeing this as the worst movie of its sort but that's more saying something about other genre movies than this movie itself really, fore it still is an absolutely terrible one.


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2 reacties:

  1. stopped the movie after 20 min... no doutb, they won the lemon price!
    tornado is coming toward the house, no electicity... what does mom say '' i'll make sandwiches,'' what? very poor acting, bad script, bad director, bad producer, it's got it all......
    would recommend this to my worst enemy.!!!

  2. Truly one of the worst low-budget movies of all time. Although the hot air balloons being whipped around a cyclone IS one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.