Thing you need to keep in mind about this movie is that it not only got made with a small budget but also with mostly unexperienced people involved, behind and and in front of the cameras. In that regard this movie is a real accomplishment, that besides serves its purpose well.

Also because it's a 'smaller' movie, made without the involvement of any big, money hungry, studio's or producers, it allows itself to be a more creative and less generic type of movie, which definitely works to its advantage. It makes the movie more original and pleasant and also overall a type of movie that could be enjoyed by people all across the board, instead of just simply one or two particular demographics.

It's still a movie that's mostly aimed toward youngsters and geek culture though, as it's title and poster also already would both suggest. But since it's a movie that actually got made by youngsters, it really speaks well to its audience and seems to be very well aware about what it does and what it wants to achieve with its story and characters.

It even is confident enough to poke some fun at the teenage comedy/romance genre and all of the clichés and other genre elements Hollywood loves to fill those type of movies with. By doing this, this movie itself also cleverly avoids some of the genre clichés and manages to feel fresh and original on its own.

It's actually one of the rare movies that successfully blends vampires in with comedy. Yes, the movie plot line involves vampires but it's really not half as lame or predictable as it sounds. It's actually quite engaging and cute to watch, also thank to its likable and well written characters.

Of course the movie still is not without its weaknesses and it has some lesser moments in it. Some of the comedy for instance still falls flat, at the moments that it feels out of place and just a tad bit too forced. Also the story actually starts to get weaker and less engaging as it heads toward its ending. I don't know, the final 15 minutes or so just felt a bit too rushed and not that well developed and executed.

But really, the movie remains a perfectly watchable one, despite some weaknesses and some other minor complaints, such as the acting skills of some of the supporting characters. I can really recommend watching this movie, if you're looking for something fresh and original.


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