There are very few things that are worse or more annoying than watching a completely pointless movie, that means well but ultimately is about- and adds absolutely nothing.

No need to be mild about this movie; I absolutely hated it. Throughout, I constantly kept wondering what the point of it all was and what the movie was trying to do and say with its story. Sad thing about it is that it truly seems to believe it's being a cute and heartfelt movie, about social issues with some realistic touches to it.

Just like its story, its approach is all over the place. At parts its a silly comedy, at others a more serious one and at others its being more of a straight and serious drama or romantic movie. But really nothing in it ever clicks. There is never a right balance, making this movie ultimately ineffective as a comedy, drama and romance and just as a movie as a whole.

It's a real big problem for the movie that the story seems to be going absolutely nowhere. It's its own fault really. It tries to throw in far too many distractions, that in the long run add absolutely nothing to the story. Guess the movie tried hard to connect everything, by showing how the different characters influenced each other and helped to change their lives but the different story lines and characters just never feel well enough connected at all for it to ever work out as something convincing or effective. Instead it's one big, uninteresting, mess, that's not even being remotely entertaining or funny with any of its comedy either.

You would think that a movie which stars Robert Vaughn, Christopher Lloyd, Wayne Knight and Jerry Stiller in it at least would feature some mildly amusing comedy but it's all pretty embarrassing to watch really. They get absolutely nothing good or funny to do in this movie and at times you could see them struggle with some of its poor material and badly written dialog. Really painful and embarrassing to watch really and I also just can't understand why any of them ever agreed to appear in this movie. It's not like they received an handsome paycheck for it either, seeing how low-budget this movie is.

Another thing that's bad about the movie is that it doesn't even feature a good enough main character in it. Tom Pelphrey just totally isn't likable in this and comes across as a crazy (yes, crazy! Not depressed, as they try to convince you of), spoiled little brat, that whines and complains about absolutely nothing relevant or interesting for this movie. Something that's annoying about all of the characters in this movie is that by the end of it they don't really seem redeemed, or come across like they have progressed as human beings. By the end of it, the movie does indeed wrap all of their story arcs up but it's all extremely forced and some stuff just comes out of absolutely nowhere. Not satisfying at all.

It's a good example of some poor film-making. That's probably the most kind and positive thing I could say about it.


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