At first I was going to applaud this movie. I mean, how many low-budget movies set in medieval times do you know? It however then soon started to become obvious this wasn't at all going to be a movie that was set at medieval times. Instead it's something completely different and the movie itself is actually mostly set in modern times.

And to be frank; most of the time I had absolutely no idea what was going on in this movie. It has a messy story and approach to it. What was this movie supposed to be exactly? A comedy? A slasher? A fantasy movie? This movie has a bit of everything in it, only not mixed together that very well.

And really, as purely a slasher this movie still had some potential in it. It's a shame this movie just never really fully goes into that direction with its approach or story.

The story as it is, is mostly going nowhere. At least not for its first half. You just don't know where the movie is going at and what it is trying to tell you with its main plot line and all of the seemingly random characters involved. It makes this somewhat of an odd and hard movie to watch but luckily it still has some entertainment going for it.

The movie luckily doesn't take itself too seriously, and so shouldn't its viewers. Because of this approach and style, the movie never becomes a boring, or offensively bad one but that's about the most positive thing I can say about this movie.

And isn't it funny how David Carradine, almost 4 years after his death, keeps popping up in movies. This isn't even the final movie he'll show up in but it is indeed one of his absolute final roles. It should also tell you something about the quality of this movie, that apparently this movie had been shelved somewhere for years, before it finally got some form of distribution.

It's probably also somewhat due to this movie being a hard sell. It's really doing its own thing and it's hard to compare it to anything else really. It sounds like a positive thing maybe but in this particular case it wouldn't had hurt the movie if it was being a bit more standard and formulaic with both its approach and main story.

It still is apparent this movie got made with all of the right intentions but it's an obvious and simple fact that none of it ever really works out very well.


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  1. "NOTT has been one of the best medieval/slasher movies I have seen in a long time!
    Paul Sampson is simply brilliant with his dedication to making "real" movies in an age where talent is "lackluster" now in Hollywood."