Man, what's with all of those recent biopics, that aren't really biopics at all. It certainly seems to be a trend nowadays, to make a movie and to tell a story that happens to feature a well known person in it, without making it all about him/her, or cover the entire persons lifespan. Not that it's a bad thing necessarily, I mean, it works out well for some movies, of which this movie is also an example.

This is also one of those movies that only covers one small snippet of its main subject's life-story. In this particular it focuses on Alfred Hitchcock, during the productions of his hit-movie "Psycho".

So please don't watch this movie expecting to learn a lot about Alfred Hitchcock's other movies or history and personality. It's not really a movie that teaches you anything at all, unless you are absolutely clueless about who Hitchcock was and what reputation he had. Only that way this movie still might bring you some surprises.

It perhaps sounds a bit negative all but it really isn't though. This is simply just another type of movie. It's more the type that entertains and gives you a good time while watching. It never gets too deep or heavy with anything, despite of some dramatic plot development. It's true that everything sort of stays on the surface because of that, keeping this movie on the safe and simplistic side but that's all simply a choice, the movie very deliberately makes.

Perhaps it's also true that everything worked out great and entertaining for me because I'm interested in Hitchcock and known "Psycho" inside out. Therefore it's also true that this movie might not work out as great and entertaining to some others, who aren't really interested in the movie its subject to begin with. And lets just say I doubt this is really the type of movie that will make people curious and more interested in Hitchcock and his movie.

Problem with Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock is that they not only do not look alike but they also hardly sound alike. It's a bit of a problem that Hopkins has such a distinctive voice of his own and heavy makeup got applied to him, to make him still look somewhat like the real Hitchcock. But in all truth and honesty, it wasn't as distracting as I had feared. As a matter of fact; despite that Hopkins sounds and looks nothing alike Hitchcock, he still is great in the role and truly becomes the part! Equally as great and perhaps even better was Helen Mirren as Hitchcock's wife, Alma Reville.

And the movie truly relies on the dynamic between its two main leads. The movie above all things is about the relationship between Hitchcock and his wife. There are of course plenty of other developments and story lines in this movie but the movie eventually always gets back to its two main leads and luckily so, since this is still where most of the interesting and effective stuff comes from.

This is simply a good movie and a good watch. Really nothing more than that but also most definitely nothing less.


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