It's the hip thing to do; urbanize classic fairy tales. There are actually countless of cheap, bad movies, such as this one out there, that try to cash in on a well known fairytale, in this case obviously Hansel & Gretel. It's of course also a movie that's trying to grab some of the cash " Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters", which gets released next month, is going to make.

On the one hand this movie has a very childish and simplistic approach to it, while at the other it's also featuring so much gore and foul language. I just don't know how to take this movie or what audience it got made for exactly. The style and approach of the movie just never really gel together.

This movie honestly still might had worked out if only it had a more surrealistic or darker tone to it. The movie has neither and instead has a more made for TV kind of look to it, which is just too bright and far from anything atmospheric.

Needless to say this movie also definitely doesn't work out too well as an horror. It does a very poor job at building up any tension, which also is due to the movie being an obviously predictable one.

I don't have anything against urban- and modernizing classic tales and fairy tales, as long as the movie is doing something interesting and unique with it. This movie hardly has any good ideas of its own, making this one that never surprises or ever feels like anything original.

It's also weird to see Dee Wallace in this. Especially weird since she plays the main villain and is supposed to be the evil with of the movie. She hardly ever comes across as anyone threatening or scary though and it constantly makes you wonder what she is doing in this movie in the first place. It distracts from the movie but I bet the movie itself was mostly just glad it managed to have somewhat of a big name attached to it.

It's just not worth your time and money!


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2 reacties:

  1. The worst movie I have ever watched!!!
    Dont waste your time

  2. It's so bad, it's funny!