It's definitely true that back in the day the 'alien autopsy' video was a big deal. I remember it very well and I also remember it always had looked incredibly fake and unlikely to me, no matter how young I still was at the time. But I actually never had any idea that the story behind it was more than just a joke or a simple con.

This movie tells the story behind the fake video, in an humorous way, with the involvement of the two main guys behind the video, Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield. It's hard to say though what got based on the truth and what were the things that got made up, specifically for this movie. In that regard this movie might be a bigger con than its actual subject. But even if only half of it is true, which is a likely assumption, it still is a deliciously odd and interesting story.

The movie truly benefits from its comical approach. It suits the crazy story and it allows the movie to heavily exaggerated stuff and get away with it as well. It's a very British movie though, with all of its comedy, dialog and characters, so if that's not your thing, this is simply not the right type of comedy or movie for you to watch.

Even though the movie is exaggerated, the comedy still manages to feel as often something more subtle. It definitely is not a movie that constantly forces you to laugh. It often are the simplest and littlest of things this movie draws most of its comedy from. It makes the movie fun but above all things also a very entertaining watch, all throughout.

It's also true though that they perhaps could had done a bit more with its story, comedy and characters. Instead, the movie starts to repeat itself at times and stretches some of its comical moments also out for a bit too long. It doesn't make it a bad movie but it's part of the reason why this still feels as a far from perfect movie.

The movie also hardly ever focuses on the negative aspects. Perhaps the movie is a bit for good for its own good and tries to show its main characters as harmless and friendly blokes, who never had any bad intentions with their video. Perhaps if the real Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield wouldn't had been involved with this movie, this would had been a bit of a more fair and objective movie but I'm truly not complaining too much about any of this, since I liked the movie good enough for what it was and enjoyed it all throughout, mostly due to this approach. 

It's not a movie with any big name actors in it, expect those playing the 'foreigners', in this case the Americans. Bill Pullman and Harry Dean Stanton show up but they sort of feel out of place in this. I don't know, I guess it shows that it takes some different acting and some different actors when you appear in an all British production.

The movie is nothing too great but it simply is an entertaining and simple little production, about a greatly fun and interesting subject!


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