So I know "Troll 2" is supposed to be one of the worst movies of all time but this predecessor is pretty bad on its own right as well!

It's true that you can still have some fun with this movie though. It's a horror but then again, it also at the same time really isn't. It's a movie made in the time period when dozens of these light hearted, more comedy like, horror productions got released. The sillier the better, they must have thought. And "Troll" is definitely silly, just not all that great as a movie though.

The movie already has a flimsy script to start off with but they also did a horrible job handling it. The movie doesn't ever really seem to go anywhere with its story and yes, I have to say it's a bit of a bore at times. It doesn't ever truly build things up properly enough and there is never really a good flow to the movie and its story.

Seems to me that they tried to blend fantasy elements with horror, with as the only problem that none of the fantasy ever comes across as anything magical, fun or truly innovative. It really doesn't help much that the movie does a poor job at explaining anything. So yes, there are trolls but why are they here exactly? And what do they want again?

Besides, the trolls really aren't that great as characters. They are not scary or threatening looking, they are not doing anything truly shocking and they don't really have any personalities to them.

Really, I feel that if this movie was a bit more focused on its gore and horror this still could had been a somewhat more decent flick. Please don't watch this movie expecting any good killings or seeing plenty of gore. Guess the movie spend all of its budget on its sets and trolls already, which all aren't too bad looking to be fair but the movie just offers too little else.

It has a bit of a weird cast of mishmash actors in it as well, with Michael Moriarty, Sonny Bono, Phil Fondacaro and Julia Louis-Dreyfus all involved, as well as June Lockhart and daughter Anne Lockhart as the younger version of the same character.

As far as these type of '80's flicks go, this is definitely one of the lesser ones!


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