No doubt this movie got made with all of the right intentions but that doesn't make this a very good or compelling movie as well.

The biggest problem with the movie is that it's extremely black and white about things. The 'good guys' are extremely good in this movie and kind to everyone, while the bad guys are all extremely evil, in just about every way imaginable. This is something that might be fine for a James Bond movie, or something along those lines but not really for a movie that's trying to be a far more serious one and one that attempts to create awareness for a certain troubling and serious cause.

But that also brings me to yet another problem; the movie has a certain sense of arrogance to it. It tries to create the illusion that a couple of foreigners could solve the child trafficking- and sex slave trade issues in Thailand and the local forces are all incompetent and unwilling. It sort of makes you wonder as well what kind of research the film-makers did before starting on this movie. The whole movie comes across as one that got created by persons who only knew about the stuff everybody is familiar and aware of already and only seems to scrape the surface, without ever going deep into things, or without ever becoming a truly shocking, involving and therefore also effective one. The movie never shows you anything and it doesn't even really ever implies anything. It's obvious the film-makers took the safe and clean route with absolutely everything.

It's a movie made without any guts and true creativeness behind it. It actually feels like a made for TV movie, that is also safe to air early on the afternoon.

It's also odd how this movie is trying to take a serious approach to things but at the same time it's also throwing in a whole bunch of exaggerated stuff and developments in it. It's also annoying how it feels the need to constantly create other drama surrounding its main story, making it distracting from the true main story and the purpose of this movie.

The movie as it is is too forced, not natural and far from effective!


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