Not sure if the Jack Irish movie series will become a long running or hugely popular one but it definitely has some potential in it.

Guess this best can be enjoyed if you are already familiar with the character and stories from the novels by Peter Temple. After all, the main character seems to have a long and interesting history, which doesn't really gets elaborated much on in this first movie.

You could describe this as a detective movie, with on a side note that it's main character isn't a detective at all. But it still most definitely does have a typical British detective series vibe to it, even though it's an Australian production. The way the story plays out and all of its characters are very typical for this, so it's also best to be enjoyed by those who are able to appreciate a good detective series.

That also means this isn't a terribly big production, with action set pieces or lots of other excitement. I would say on the contrary really, since this really is foremost a thinking man's movie. It's a movie you literally constantly need to pay attention to, or else you might loose track. It all starts off standard and formulaic but soon starts to develop into something much more and bigger.

The foremost reason why it all works out good and interesting enough is because the movie has a good main character in it, played by Guy Pearce. He's not the formulaic or perfect type of guy, you often see in detective series. I won't say he's a bad guy either but he certainly is not without his flaws or demons haunting them.

I won't exactly call this a perfect movie, since I do believe it will loose some of its viewers at certain points, due to it's complicated story and the movie also does in fact feels much longer than it in fact truly is. It's only 90 minutes short but if you would had said to me afterward it's a hour longer, I would had believed it as well.

But there definitely is plenty of potential in this series, as long as it keeps building on its characters and perhaps the next times feature a bit of a smaller and more humble type of plot, that's not only just easier but also more involving to follow.


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