Thing you could say about this movie is that it serves its purposes and it serves it quite well. It certainly isn't as bad as you perhaps would expect it to be and it actually works out as quite entertaining, within its genre.

It's a Christmas family musical, which already might sound sappy and terribly unappealing to some but it's simply truly a movie everybody should be able to enjoy. It's fluffy but it's fun and it's simplistic but at least its not entirely as predictable as you would expect. I liked that the ending did something different for instance and didn't go for the cheap and predictable, formulaic, lame sort of ending. At least not the lame ending you expected the movie to go for.

It's not a musical that features any original songs really but all of the classic and well known Christmas songs are delivered in a still great and fresh enough way. All of the actors involved obviously had prior experiences in the music or musical industry and besides still knew how to deliver their lines as well. Of course there are no truly great performances in this, acting-wise but the characters are fun and the actors all still did a definitely capable enough job with it.

The movie is clean and entertaining, so a lot of stuff gets exaggerated, which is something the movie mostly gets away with, due to its overall approach and atmosphere but one thing that still somewhat annoyed me about the movie was the way how it treated the opposing singing group as real movie villains. They are devious and will do anything to win, which is something this movie did not needed, at least not in such a deliberate over-the-top kind of way. It made the movie needlessly silly and often would distract from its story as well, taking things down.

Please don't think it's a great movie but it's clean, it's simple, it's fun, has its heart in the right place, in other words, it's a perfectly watchable Christmas movie for the entire family!


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