This movie feels fresh and creative and besides works out well! It has a simple main premise and for most part only involves four characters, all sitting together in one single hotel room but it constantly manages to keep things interesting and going.

That probably was the foremost reason why I liked watching the movie; I never was bored with it. Sure, it's not always the most surprising or likely movie but it still handles things well, which ensures that nothing ever works out as too far fetched or ridicules. Besides, the movie offered some nice and interesting developments as well and it all got build up and told in a pretty good way.

Even while it features a simple main premise, it still is a great one. Having four assassins sitting in a room, trying to resolve some unfinished business, ensures that the movie is constantly filled with some tension, also since you are never really sure what to expect next.

In some regards, it still wastes some of its potential. It for instance could had developed some of its plot lines a bit further, making them more relevant for this movie. That way the movie also would had had some more layers and depth to it, which was something this movie could had used. Things could had definitely been a more tight, also with its dialog.

Still, it's nothing that ruins the movie, at least not for me, since I most definitely still feel it did a good enough job, all throughout. Especially the way the movie looks makes it obvious some serious time and effort went into making this movie. It's a very good looking movie, with a good constant atmosphere and some nice camera-work. The directing and editing is pretty impressive as well, especially when considering this isn't a movie made with millions of dollars or with any big studios behind it.

It's a pretty good, slower type of action-thriller, that is definitely worth checking out in my opinion!


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