It's good to see some people still go to the trouble to put lots of effort and quality into a Christmas movie production. It's so easy to turn things sappy and fill it with messages but it's much harder- and at the same time far more involving when a Christmas movie features true warmth and realistic persons and situations in it.

That's the key as to why this movie works out; it's a realistic feeling movie, in which the drama never gets exaggerated or tries to forcefully bring you to tears.

Now, it's still not a great movie and not everything about its story works out as something interesting or involving but it least never becomes a bad or boring movie to watch. It's true that the movie perhaps has 2 or 3 too many characters in it and it's not always clear what the movie is trying to do or say with certain plot-points but the movie at all times remains a good watch.

It's simply all because lots of professionalism and passion got put in this movie. It's carefully and skilfully directed and written by Edward Burns and all of the acting is just fine! The acting brings all of the dialog and characters in a very convincing way to the screen.

Perhaps another reason as to why the movie works out well is because it doesn't desperately tries to be a Christmas movie. It's just a family drama, that happens to take place around Christmas time. It's part of the reason why this movie doesn't feel as forced as lots of other Christmas orientated movies out there. And I say family drama but that doesn't mean this is a too heavy or serious watch. It's mostly lighthearted actually, which helps to make this a pleasant watch as well.

It's a much better movie than you probably would expect!


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