Well, I liked the movie good enough for what it was but it isn't one that is going to change or add anything to your life really.

Yes, this ultimately feels like a pointless movie but it's one you at least could have some fun with, while watching. It's the sort of lighthearted drama, that's taking more of a comical approach than anything else really. And I did like it for its lightness and entertainment value but there is just no way I could consider this to be a great movie as well.

I can even see how this movie could bore some people. It's for most part set at an office and also heavily relies on the whole office dynamic and atmosphere. Not everybody shall be able to identify themselves with this, since not every person has worked, or still works, at an office. Besides, everything that's taking place at the office in this movie isn't exactly the most involving and interesting type of stuff. The movie is more interesting and fun with its character, rather than with any of its story.

But luckily the movie has some good actors, portraying its characters. Parker Posey never really have been the type of actress to play a lead role in something but after seeing her in this movie I wonder why. She's very charismatic and knows how to deliver. She besides has a great comedy talent to her, so I actually wouldn't mind seeing her play more big sort of roles, especially in comedies.

It really is a good and fun enough little movie, that I still can't call a great one, due to its story and how redundant the movie ultimately still feels.


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