Not really sure what this movie was trying to do and say with its story. Well, perhaps I could see what its intentions were but it's a fact that it's not being very successful at getting its point across. It actually feels like a very pointless and redundant movie, which doesn't make this a completely horrible movie but it makes it one you could easily skip on.

It's the sort of movie that tries to blend drama in with comedy, by inserting plenty of quirky characters and odd situations, with as an only problem that nothing about the movie feels very organic or involving enough.

Basically the way the movie works out is just the one unlikely situation leading up the other, without often making a tight enough connection. It's hanging together from its different story elements, that never gets brought together convincing or powerful enough.

Perhaps it also has something to do with it that the movie feels very underdeveloped. Certain plot lines get dropped, just when they start to become interesting and others are just going absolutely nowhere and only cause the movie to drag. Not that the movie is necessarily boring but certain sequences are definitely overlong and often don't even add an awful lot to either its story or characters.

It's also true that Tobey Maguire feels horribly miscast. He's of course not a bad actor by any stretch of the imagination but he just isn't a very convincing husband, father, doctor or playboy in this movie. Women are all over him, while Tobey Maguire doesn't exactly has the most powerful or charismatic look to him, that can let grown women go crazy. He's too boyish looking and his character is besides a bit of a (deliberatly) pathetic and quiet one. I don't know, perhaps that was part of the joke of the movie but it's just didn't really worked for me. It somewhat annoyed me and prevented me from ever really getting into the movie, or to ever start fully caring for his character. His character also makes too many bad and odd choices for that.

The movie is also lacking a certain amount of with and cleverness to it, which these type of movies often require. Or a bit of an artistic touch perhaps, to also give things a deeper meaning or just to simply make this movie a better and more beautiful one to look at. The movie still has some hints of it in it, as if it was trying to be such a movie but basically had no idea how to successful achieve it.

It's honestly not that bad of a movie, after all, it also has Ray Liotta in it. It however ultimately still remains a pointless movie that won't stay in memory for long.


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