It sounds so perfectly fun and awesome; a slasher with a Santa Claus killer. But the movie in fact is a far from fun or awesome one unfortunately. I haven't seen the 1984 original "Silent Night, Deadly Night", so I can't say how it compares but I can only hope and assume it's a better movie than this one was!

It's doing plenty of things wrong, which will especially displease the horror lovers. Sure, it has some gory killings in it but other than that there are very few other effective horror elements in it.

The movie for instance absolutely never works on creating a good, moody and tense atmosphere, with some interesting mystery thrown in. In the end you could say the movie is still a whodunit but the movie itself is absolutely never handled and buildup as such. As a matter of fact, it constantly shows you far too much of its killer, which ultimately makes him a far from scary or mystic figure. And when the 'twist' finally comes and you learn who's behind the Santa mask, it makes no impact at all, since it's so incredibly random and has almost absolutely nothing to do with anything the movie did before. The more you even start to think about it, the less sense it makes!

Because the movie is showing you so much from the killer's perspective, this also goes at the expense of the movie its main character. Due to this, it really feels that the movie is missing a good and likable enough main 'hero' in it. I don't feel I ever really got to know the Jaime King character and why exactly was she picked as the main character in the first place?

And really, you might at least expect to get some fun out of this movie. After all, it's one that has a Santa Claus as a killer! But the movie as it is takes itself too seriously and never gets clever or creative with anything neither. Entertainment-wise, this movie has even less to offer than its horror.

No good build up, no good atmosphere, no good acting, no good scares. No, this is just not a very good horror flick at all!


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