Sometimes I really do believe certain horror directors aren't even familiar with the genre and have absolutely no idea what a good, tense and/or scary horror movie needs.

Thing that's simply unforgivable is that the movie is mostly being a boring one. There aren't really ever any good developments and it just isn't ever really clear were the story is heading at, which in this particular case works as something weak and annoying.

It really shouldn't be all that hard to throw 2 or 3 jump scares into the movie but this one seems to have absolutely no idea how to do it. And since the story isn't really going anywhere it isn't an all that involving and interesting movie to watch anyway. It doesn't help much that none of the characters in it are likable enough ones either.

It's really an accomplishment for this movie to be a haunted house movie without featuring any of the typical haunted house movie ingredients in it. You perhaps would think this means that the movie is being an original one but it has absolutely nothing in it to replace the formulaic and typical genre moments with. It just offers absolutely nothing and I just can't see how anybody could ever like this movie, let alone be scared at it.

You feel that still somewhere deep down the movie did try and wanted to be something different. Perhaps this was a case of too much studio intervention or maybe the script had passed too many different hands in the proses. But either way, the movie itself of course obviously remains a far from great one. As a matter of fact, you probably will have a hard time finish watching it!


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