This movie is not too bad but yet it still makes some bad and odd choices at times, making this ultimately a forgettable movie experience.

Problem I at first had with the movie was the I just couldn't understand what it was trying to do or say exactly. It appeared to me it was a movie with a sort of social commentary to it. A movie that showed how flawed and lacking the juvenile delinquency system in Britain worked but it did so without really making a statement about anything. It was also weird to see how the movie its main character turned from a bad boy into an even 'badder' boy. I know, that probably was the whole point of the movie but it never came across as anything that felt right for the movie to do.

It besides was lacking too much of a certain amount of required realism for that. At the one hand the movie tries to be a raw and gritty prison flick, while at the other it throws in a whole bunch of developments and sequences that feel too forced and fabricated. It soon even starts to turn into a revenge flick and toward the end this movie is really being nothing more but just a typical prison action/drama, with all of the familiar characters and situations in it, without making a statement about anything or truly leaving an impact or any sort.

I won't say that the movie is bad. It's still pretty good and certainly watchable enough but it just feels like there was so much more potential with this movie, which all got wasted, mostly in its second half.

It still remains a well made movie, that also good to look at since it has a pretty good visual style to it. Only thing I still have to complain about it the amount of slow-motion sequences. Normally this sort of stuff doesn't bother me all that much but in this movie it seriously started to become an issue with me and it even got to the point that it took me out of the movie and started to work out as something comical instead.

Certainly watchable but nothing worth searching out.


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