John Huston is known as one of the great directors from old Hollywood, with movies such as "The Maltese Falcon" and "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" behind his name but I however do have to admit that I'm simply not Huston's biggest fan. His movies are often too slow paced for my taste and focuses too hard on being realistic, as opposed to being involving.

This movie is also more a random slice of life type of movie and I actually strongly feel I would had liked this movie better if it had some more exaggerated drama and developments in it. It's deliberately being slow and subtle with all of its characters, developments and pieces of dialog, which however in my opinion doesn't always make this most involving or exciting movie to follow. I could appreciate the story and could totally see what they were going for, it however just isn't really my kind of thing I suppose.

Thing I liked about the story was that it parallels two stories, of two guys trying to achieve the same things. One of them is however young, the other already has a career and life behind him. It's an interesting contrast and nice to see how things develop differently for them, due to their approach to things but I don't really feel that the movie fully exploited its concept. The movie for instance too often focuses too little on the Jeff Bridges character. I was actually more interested in him but he hardly is in the second half of the movie. Seems that this was deliberate all and the movie only seemed to be focusing on the Bridges character during its first half and more on the Stacy Keach character during its second.

Guess lots of people are able to feel very involved with this type of movie but like I said, I couldn't really ever fully get into its story or characters, due to its more subtle and 'quiet' approach. Nothing gets exaggerated and not everything gets spelled out for you. You really have to piece some things together for yourself and think deeper about the meaning of a certain scene or piece of dialog. It's perhaps also true this movie is one that requires multiple viewings, to truly get everything out of it.

I certainly recognize this as a good movie, it just however isn't really my thing, which prevents me from ever fully appreciating- and liking it as a movie


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