It's perhaps no big surprise this movie is being the worst one out of the series, as of yet. And that's coming from a guy who still sort of liked the first 3 movies.

Things were already starting to go downhill very rapidly with the fourth movie but this one takes the cake! There are not only specific horror issues I had with this movie but standard things such as storytelling, editing and acting were also terribly lacking for this movie.

Guess the most annoying aspect about this movie was being its story. You could say the movie is trying to be original by changing its settings but simple fact remains that it just doesn't make any sense and sort of takes away the tension, which most of the previous till some extend still had in them. They changed the settings from a forest to a small town this time. What's the point of having mountain men as killers if you change the setting to an urban setting? But this hardly was the biggest problem I had with this movie. The main premise of the movie concerns a bunch of the mountain men trying to bust one of the buddies out of jail. But I can tell you, the evil cannibalistic, hillbilly, mountain men are doing a whole bunch of stuff in this movie, except trying to get their buddy out of jail. Seriously, there are so many needless and pointless distractions in the story, in which a whole bunch of people are getting killed for no apparent reason. The movie even toward its end starts to turn more into a "Saw" type of movie, which completely came out of nowhere and served no purpose for the story at all. And what was with the fact that there seemed to be nobody else around in the town? There are shootings, fires and things blowing up but none of the townsfolk ever gets outside to check it out or bothers to call the state police. There are only a handful of characters in this movie and they appear to be completely alone on the world.

So the story is bad but it also got distractingly bad put together by both its cast and crew. It's not the lowest of budget looking genre movies but it still has some bad looking elements to it, such as its makeup. The editing and pacing was also incredibly sloppy at times, which definitely took me out of the movie constantly. And the acting...Well, let me just say I don't think we'll hear anything good from any of the actors ever again. Some people might be excited Doug Bradley is in this, the guy who played Pinhead in the Hellraiser movies but even in the Hellraiser movies I had problems with Bradley's acting, especially when he was playing the human version of Pinhead, captain Elliot Spencer. And no, he also hardly ever impresses in this movie and as a matter of fact is being part of the reason why it at times works out as an annoying and dragging experience. You'll most likely grow tired of his character, very early on already, especially since he's mostly saying and doing the same stuff over and over again in this movie.

But is there at least any good- and decent amount of gore? Well, I guess but it hardly makes this movie any more watchable, trust me on this one.

It's true I most likely would normally give this movie a 4 out of 10 rating, since it's hardly the worst- and also not the worst looking genre movie but knowing this is part 5 and this series has to stop already I'm putting my foot down and say; no more! There is just no excuse for this movie to take such an unimaginative, ineffective and simplistic approach and there is absolutely no reason why you should ever watch this movie, or why the series should produce more movies in the future.


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