Foremost reason why I really liked this slapstick is because it has plenty of creativity to it.

It's so easy and temping for a slapstick to take the formulaic and safe road with its visuals gags and story developments but I do feel that in the case of this movie some more creativity went into it. There are plenty of original moments in the movie, that often are random but therefore also unexpected and funny to watch.

The movie doesn't even necessarily focuses on just its main character, played by Ben Turpin. Normally most of the situations featuring only secondary characters never works out that very well in a slapstick, or at least not as effective when compared to all of the comedy involving the main characters. In this movie this however really isn't being the case. The movie is consistently fun and funny to watch, no matter who is on the screen at the moment.

And the story, well of course you shouldn't worry abut that at all while watching this movie. It's very random all and the movie pretty much can be divided into 3 parts, each taking place at a different locations, with also mostly different characters involved.

Still of course the most important thing about these type of slapstick movies is the slapstick itself. And yes, luckily this movie has some real good and funny slapstick in it, that got well timed and executed. Besides, the movie doesn't ever feels like its starting to repeat itself with some of its jokes, which again, is something that it is part of the reason why I regard this as a very creative slapstick movie, from the silent era.

A perfectly watchable and also real funny Ben Turpin slapstick!


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