Of course this movie sounds just awesome but unfortunately it's mostly a bore.

Not much is to be expected from a movie titled "Surf Nazis Must Die" of course. It sound like a stupid B-movie and it is a stupid B-movie. But there are plenty of bad and stupid B-movies that are still very enjoyable, which is not something that can be said for this movie.

Problem is that there just isn't an awful lot to its story and it's absolutely going nowhere and lets stuff just happen at random. Seems they only had a plot outline when they started filming and had to figure out a way to stretch out its main premise into a 83 minutes long movie. They didn't really succeeded and mostly failed at making this entertaining and interesting enough. There is not enough creativity or originality in this movie really. It's kind of like a bad and cheap surfing version of "The Warriors", which probably still sounds awesome to some but trust me, this movie remains for most part a lacking and disappointing one.

And there still was so much potential. Who knows, maybe the movie would had worked out better if it indeed was a more edgy one. The movie as it is hardly features any true violence and blood and gore in it.

It's also a big problem that the movie isn't really featuring a good main character in it. It's mostly following the neo-nazi surf punks around but they are evil and despicable characters, you just won't ever start to care about. And apparently this was supposed to be a revenge flick, in which grandma Washington hunts down those responsible for her grandson's death but let me tell you that she is actually hardly in the movie at all and also seems to play a part at the beginning and end of the movie. So no, I wouldn't even call this a revenge flick in the first place. The movie still is something, I'm just still not sure what exactly.

And obviously everyone involved was very well aware they weren't being part of great cinema. In this case this self awareness doesn't really help the movie either and actually makes things sillier and all the more worse to watch.

It still remains a curiosity piece and I do believe that some of the lovers of bad cinema will still get something out of it. But it's best for everyone else to simply stay far away from this movie.


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