In essence this movie is nothing more but just a straightforward and simplistic action flick. Not a great one but not a terrible one either.

I never was a too big fan of the original, so that really isn't something that prevented me from ever getting into- and liking this movie. I really judged it for what it was, on its own rights. But if I have to say something about it; this movie is definitely worse than the original but in all fairness, both movies are quite different ones really and therefore can't- and shouldn't really be compared in the first place.

A big problem with this movie is that it's being just a bit too simplistic and lazy. It really doesn't ever tries anything new or edgy and if you are expecting an action movie with lots of substance and meaning to it, you can better skip on this one. That especially was disappointing about the movie, or perhaps I was simply expecting some more substance and meaning behind this movie and its main story.

It also does a poor job at building anything up. Due to its pacing and the magic of montages, the movie glosses over just about everything that was potentially involving and interesting and mostly because of this, hardly any of the characters work out. The characters all seem interchangeable anyway and the only way you could tell them apart is because you recognize some of the actors who play them. You could say that stuff just happens in this movie, without it ever being handled in a very interesting, surprising or involving enough way.

There is never a good sense of anything. Never a sense of danger, never a sense of that there's a war going on and never a sense of involvement with anything or anyone. It makes this a very shallow movie experience but of course in all fairness, most genre movies are like this. I would still most definitely call this movie slightly worse than the average genre attempt but calling this a horrible movie would be silly really. Guess it still offers plenty of mindless entertainment for those in need and search of it.


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