Well, this is a rather short animated special, so it doesn't exactly shines through its originality or greatness but the special as it is is definitely a watchable and still fun enough one, especially when you are into SpongeBob of course.

Even though this special uses stop motion, as opposed to classic drawn animations, which the TV show uses, it still features the exact same style and atmosphere of the TV show. the comedy and its timing is exactly the same, which actually helps to make you forget you are watching a stop motion production here, which of course has quite a different look to it, compared to the animated TV-series.

The story is some pretty standard stuff and I must say I didn't really ever got a true warm Christmas like feeling from it but it does offer plenty of entertainment. Guess you could say it simply works better as just a SpongeBob episode than a Christmas special really but I don't really know if that truly can be considered a complaint.

It just seems to me that if they truly wanted to do a Christmas special they should had at least made it 30 minutes longer. That way they could had fitted more stuff into it's story and let it all come across feeling less rushed. That way they could had also fitted more songs into it, which was actually something I liked about this special and helped to still make it stand out.

But this special is what it is and it's truly not bad! I just can't see this becoming a Christmas special classic, that could be played over and over again, for every Christmas yet to come.


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