This movie is quite the hidden gem. It features a great concept, that seemed to be decades ahead of its time and besides has some great ideas and a wonderful cast in it.

Never thought I would see Olivia de Havilland and James Caan together in one movie but here they are! This actually was Caan's first movie role and he had only appeared in some television-series, prior to this movie. Olivia de Havilland of course had much more experience already and had been in movies ever since the mid '30's. It's interesting seeing two completely different generations of great actors in this movie. Interesting because both obviously had different acting styles; de Havilland more classic and Caan somewhat more method acting like, so to speak. Each do their own thing really, which works out fine in this case, since de Havilland is the victim and Caan the main villain. Two complete opposites, who seem to have nothing in common and under normal circumstances would had never met.

But the movie still mostly works out great and effective because of its main concept. The main characters stays almost the entire movie stuck at one place, in this case an home elevator. It's the sort of concept that are very popular in thriller and horror movies nowadays, making this movie seem decades ahead of its time with its story and main concept. But in all fairness, stuff like this also got done before, for instance in a movie such as "Sorry, Wrong Number" and "Kind Lady".

The concept might even sound somewhat boring and simplistic to some but trust me, there still is plenty happening in this movie. Even though the main character is stuck, those around her most definitely aren't and there are some pretty good developments in the movie. There is some real depth to its story and characters as well. More so than you would perhaps normally expect from an old fashioned movie such as this one.

It's also definitely true the movie could had pushed things a bit further and could had done something more at times but I still feel the movie did enough to make this a very effective as well as enjoyable movie to watch. Fore it really isn't a too heavy drama/thriller, which doesn't mean it's not being tense as well at times though.

If it would had pushed things a bit further and developed some more style as well, this would had been a Hitchcock like kind of movie. Having said that, the movie still remains a more than great and effective thriller, that definitely is worth searching out.


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