Lots of people actually were very excited about it, at the time, that David Cronenberg seemingly went back to his roots, as a film-maker. After making a few more 'standard' and more straightforward type of movies, Cronenberg went for a deeper and more philosophical approach with this movie. The type of approach that involves the weirdness and creativity so many people loved about David Cronenberg's earliest works. But no, Cronenberg may have returned to his old style but he most definitely didn't do it in great form as well.

Strangely enough I still didn't hated watching this movie though. But oh yes, I can definitely see how this movie could annoy and bore tons of people. The story is seemingly going nowhere and is mostly taking place at one location. The dialog is dry, weird and delivered in an old fashioned stage play type of approach, which not every actor handles very well by the way. Besides, the movie is definitely a slower one as well and feels needlessly long. Plenty of reasons why there are going to be more people hating this movie than ones loving it.

Reason why I still wasn't ever truly annoyed or bored with this movie was basically I could still somewhat see what the movie was trying to do and say, for most of the time. Not that it did it very well or effective enough, in my opinion. It's the sort of the movie with a premise and story that would had worked out much better for a 20 minutes short. That way it would had probably gotten its point across in a much more interesting and effective way as well. The movie instead now feels stretched out and like it's trying to make the same point, over and over again.

The way I see this movie; the first half of the movie is mostly an allegory or today's hasty society and how things get so easily interlinked and mixed with each other. Business and pleasure, love and lust, etcetera. It all gets thrown in the same pile. The main character never has a restless moment, even though all he does is sitting in the back of this stretch limo, on his way to get a haircut. The movie than slowly transfers more into a statement against capitalism and other things along those lines. Seriously, there is as much in this movie as you are willing to read into it. It also is true that probably everybody will get something different out of this movie and it also is true that you can write a multiple pages long pretentious thesis on every little theme and allegory that passes by. But really, it's something you need to experience for yourself and who known, you might end up really liking the movie as well, in the progress.

I just didn't. The movie really could had made its points in a far more involving and also snappier fashion. It now needlessly dwells on stuff and starts to repeat itself after a while, without ever making a clear point about anything. You really have to piece everything together for yourself, which might make this a rewarding and involving movie to some, just not for me, though I could still somewhat appreciate the movie and never felt annoyed of angered by it, unlike, no doubt, a whole bunch of other people.


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