Seemed at first that this movie was going to be a pretty decent one but as it turned it, it was being nothing more and nothing less but a disappointing B-monster movie flick.

There are countless of Dracula flicks, a whole bunch of Frankenstein movies and some Mummy movies as well but werewolf movies obviously are a less common sort of occurrence. And it's not hard to see why really. A werewolf movie requires good special effects and makeup in order to make everything convincing enough and there is only so much you can do with your monster really, also since he/she simply can't speak and can only behave in an animal like way. So every time a new werewolf movie gets released its receiving some sort of attention, since it's still being a bit of a novelty.

This movie however is being a whole bunch of stuff, except for a good werewolf really.

Thing with its story is that it has far too many distraction in it and never seems to truly be about the hunt for the werewolf. You could call the movie original for that but problem with it is that the movie just never works out as anything interesting or entertaining enough, which all is mostly due to its story and the approach it's taking.

Reason why the movie also has far too many distractions in it is because it really isn't holding back with its characters. There are just far too many of them, or perhaps it feels that way because all of them start to look the same after awhile and seem to add nothing, since none of them really has a strong, distinctive or interesting enough personality. The movie also most definitely could had used a strong, heroic main character.

It's also being the cheap sort of monster movie, shot entirely in Romania and with a constant dark look to it. This specific look is always used to give the movie a bit of flair and atmosphere but foremost to conceal that this is being a low budget production you're watching. And in this case the movie is also being truly too dark in certain parts, making it hard to tell what is going on at times.

There were also several other things that constantly took me out of the movie. One was its music, which was mostly having modern sounding instruments in it, which just didn't sounded very suiting, considering this is a period piece, set in the 19th century. Also the looks of all of the actors was annoying. All of them lived in dark, dirty places, yet all of them are perfectly clean looking with their skin, teeth and hair. Seriously, how hard could it be to simply avoid the shower for a couple of days or at least not wash your hair for a while. It probably sounds somewhat nitpicking all but these were all minor distractions, which constantly took me out of the movie.

Perhaps I would had been less distractive if the movie its actors actually helped to let things work out more convincingly. But none of the actors involved are among the most talented ones and I'm sure about it that most of them shall disappear further into obscurity, within the next few years. In that regard it's also weird seeing Stephen Rea in this. An actor who normally very carefully picks his parts and is perhaps one of the last actors you ever expect to see in a cheap horror flick, such as this one. I admit that he still was good but he just couldn't safe this movie or lift it up to an higher level. His role was too limited for that and the writing too poor and lacking.

Not interesting with its story, not enough werewolf in it to consider this a good, entertaining werewolf/horror movie, lacking shallow characters, played by incapable actors. No, there just is no reason why you should ever watch this movie really, not even, or maybe especially not, when you're interested in werewolves.


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