Finally the 'old' Star Trek cast started to acknowledge their age and realized they had served their purpose. This self awareness helped to make this movie a fitting conclusion for the 'old' Star Trek cast and movies series, though some of them still appeared in the following Star Trek movie "Star Trek: Generations", in some minor roles however.

Even though this movie is very much consistent with the style and atmosphere of the earlier Star Trek movies, it also still manages to feel like a more modern genre movie. The set, effects and make-up are better looking than ever before, allowing this movie to also work out as one of the more 'convincing' Star Trek productions.

It by no means is a spectacular science-fiction movie, in the sense of that it's featuring lots of space battles or ground battles in it but it still feels like a big science-fiction movie, probably due to the gravity of its story, the fact that it's taking place at a bunch of different locations and because it features many different aliens in it.

You could even say that in some ways this is being more of a political orientated movie than an action or science-fiction one really. They are busy avoiding a war, instead of fighting or beginning one. And this is an approach that works out well and still as something very exciting and often tense as well. It's a fast paced movie, in which plenty is happening, so please don't think it's dull, though my description of it probably makes it sound that way.

The movie got directed by Nicholas Meyer, who also wrote a previous, very entertaining Star Trek movie, "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home". He appeared to be a director/writer who knew how to put fun and life into the Star Trek universe, which was something some of the other older Star Trek movies were surely missing. He's still better known as the guy who also directed "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan", which in my opinion is actually the weaker movie when compared to this one but I know I'm a minority on this.

Besides being fun, the story is also being a clever and tight one. It besides gives a lot of the crew members a moment to shine, so this is not just being the Kirk & Spock show, as used to be the case with a lot of the other movies. Some of the actors really took a step back this time, allowing some of the others to have their moment to shine, which also seemed like a fitting thing to do, knowing this would be the last Star Trek movie featuring all of the original cast members.

Next to always having the regular cast members, all of the Star Trek movies often featured a well known actor as the movie its main villain. In this particular it was Christopher Plummer, who played a Klingon with an apparent Asian background. Yes, weird but oh well, it's Christopher Plummer, so it's still a role that works out and he's actually being a pretty good villain for this movie.

A great movie to end the series with, for the original cast members.


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