Be aware, this movie is more of an art project than an horror really. I don't even know why this is listed as an horror. Just because it has some blood and gory non-horror related moments in it? Or maybe because of its themes? Either way, I in no way regard this movie to be an horror. Not that this makes this movie bad but just know what to expect when watching this movie.

If I had to put a label on this movie it would be 'coming of age' really. It's about a troubled young teenager, dealing with everyday things, such as school, her sexuality and family (not necessarily in that particular order) and her inner demons and disturbed thoughts. Sound like a cool psychological thriller perhaps but this really isn't the approach that the film-makers were going for.

And that perhaps was the biggest complaint I had with this movie; it isn't going for a particularly powerful approach. This movie won't affect you in any way and it won't leave a terribly huge impression on you. It's one that potentially could had been more powerful with its themes and characters if the movie was only being a tad bit more realistic and involving with its story and themes. Right now the movie is stuck with being a whole bunch of different things, as if it wasn't sure what approach to take and what would be the most effective thing to do.

Not that the movie is bad or anything too pretentious but it just isn't one that will stick with you for very long. I liked it good enough and it certainly was light to digest, making this movie also a somewhat fun viewing experience, despite all of its heavy themes.

Quite weird still to see a whole bunch of different well known actors popping up in this, in no more than cameo appearances really. It has a lot of recognizable faces in it, such as Malcolm McDowell, Marlee Matlin and Ray Wise and Jeremy Sumpter and Traci Lords in some bigger roles. This is not the type of movie that needed to have any star-power behind it and I do believe I would had preferred it if it only had just a bunch of unknown faces in it, as weird as that may sound.

The movie is not as messy or bad as it may sound but it's still being a movie that never really achieves- or fully succeeds, with anything, at least not in the way the film-makers obviously intended the movie to do.


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