This movie was of course foremost meant to bring new life into the Star Trek film-series, with its new and more modern crew, helmed by Jean-Luc Picard. But the movie as it is is actually a huge step down from the older Star Trek movies and I even have to say this is being one of the absolute worst Star Trek movies out there.

In many ways, this movie is being like a lot of other Star Trek movies, only done worse. It has a very simple, yet muddled main story, just like a lot of the earlier Star Trek movies used to have and an uninteresting main villain, played by a well known actor, in this case Malcolm McDowell. It's also just as exciting and action packed as most of the other earlier Star Trek movies, meaning that there really isn't all too much excitement or action to enjoy in it at all. At least the other Star Trek movies still had plenty of other interesting and good elements going for it, while this movie mostly fails with just about everything.

The characters and they way they are being handled in the story and interact with each other are mostly disappointing. After all, there are very much like the old Star Trek crew, only with different names and played by different actors but the movie makes no real attempt to provide them with any background or make them distinctive from all of the other Star Trek character we have seen before. Perhaps it's true that this movie simply assumes that its viewers are familiar with the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" television series, which stars the same actors and has all of the same characters in it.

The movie does in fact attempts to give some of the characters some more depth but it's more ridicules and laughable than anything else really. What were they thinking with the Data character for instance, when they gave him a Pinocchio type of plot line. And who cares about Picard's family problems when none of it gets setup or handled properly. It also suffers from another thing lots of Star Trek movies suffer from; it pushes all of the other characters far too much to the background. Really, just think about it. Did this movie NEED to have Geordi La Forge, William T. Riker or lieutenant Worf in it? There are mostly there to fill the empty spots in the background.

It's not like the movie is a complete horrible one but it just doesn't stand out in any way. As a matter of fact, this movie really feels too much like an extended "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode and just not a very good one unfortunately. This mostly makes "Star Trek: Generations" a disappointment, also because they obviously still aimed for a much higher goal. Luckily they did not give up on the movie series but instead improved with the next movie "Star Trek: First Contact", which you should watch, instead of this movie.

I know people are still curious to watch this movie due to it that is stars both of the Enterprise captains Kirk and Picard in it but all I can say is that I wished this movie would had done something far better and more interesting with this concept. I just can't imaging any of the old classic Star Trek fans being satisfied with seeing their old heroes, such as Kirk, Scotty and Chekov, in this new and more modernized Star Trek update.


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