It's hard to say anything about this movie or to describe it, since it's really one that's doing- and being its own thing. That's also the best thing about the movie; it's unique and original.

This is an obvious independent movie, made with little money but still lots of passion and knowhow. not every movie needs to look big and grand of course and sometimes its actually refreshing and fun to watch an humble movie such as this one, that also is a good one to watch and a movie that got put together well, by both its cast and crew.

Because it's a low-budget movie, it's also one that is more story and character orientated. And luckily the movie does in fact have some good characters and a warm and interesting story in it. Beauty about the story as well is that you can take things in a lot of different ways. You could see this movie as an adventure/mystery, in which you never really know for sure what to believe and where the movie is going with its story or you could enjoy it for its underlying messages, about life and other more dramatic orientated elements. The movie is as deep and serious as you want to take it yourself but it's also a fact that the movie itself is too lighthearted to ever take things about this movie too seriously, or to see it as an heavy one, despite some of its drama.

It's also a movie that loves to focus on more than one or two main characters. There are a whole bunch of rich characters in this movie, with each their thing going on. It never gets distracting or makes the movie feel like an unbalanced one.

You could also say this movie is being a time travel movie, without any science-fiction. After all, it's part of the illusion about the movie its story whether or not the Mark Duplass character is truly capable of traveling back in time, though the movie definitely drops you some hints throughout. But really, this is not what the movie is all about in the first place. Yes, it's the main plot line for the movie but it has so many other things going on in it and underlying themes and messages that you can enjoy this movie on so many different levels.


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