This is being one exceptional shot short movie, that should not pass by unnoticed.

Even while probably chances are you not constantly going to fully understand what is going on at the moment on screen, you still get a grasp of its importance and gravity through its intensity. It's an intense short, shot in an extreme tense way, with some dynamic camera-work and a wonderful, effective, dark atmosphere.

It would help to first read what this movie is supposed to be all about, since it will help you to understand things that the movie doesn't just spell out everything for you. This is not a complaint about the actual movie but more as a friendly warning to those who are planning to watch it.

So no, it's not being a short with a clear story really but that doesn't mean it's not being effective with telling a story and getting its point across. It's using visuals and metaphors, rather than words and long pieces of dialog, without ever feeling pretentious by the way.

And luckily the movie does have some great visuals in it. Just because it's a short and independent movie, that doesn't mean it has a cheap and simple look to it. This short is just as good looking as an over-expense blockbuster, dealing with the same themes and featuring a similar type of atmosphere. This still remains the foremost thing the movie impresses with, though it basically is being a great one with every other thing as well. It shall cause you to completely get drawn into the short and its story.

The complaints and problems I have with this short are only minor and therefore not really worth mentioning, since they in no way interfere with the movie its quality. There just really is not a good reason why you should not watch this short and it's totally worth the 10 minutes of your time. Chances are this short will actually leave you hungry for more!


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