Not bad, not great but still better than average. How is that for a description?

This is still a short that does plenty of things wrong. Or well, it doesn't always do things in the best or most effective way, which is most likely due to a lack of financial resources and the fact that its film-makers still appear to be in a learning process and still need to develop and polish their craft. So yes, you could say it's a learning curve for its film-maker but that of course doesn't mean it's being an amateur-like movie as well.

Even while it's not being the most powerful or effective movie you'll ever see it's not one that shall bore or annoy you. It tells its story and it tells it well, without however feeling that much involvement with it, as a viewer. Still it's hard to call this short just average, since that would be a lie. It's still being better than just the average attempt with its storytelling and other film-making techniques used.

Things that still need polishing; the use of sound and the balance between its musical score and its actual sound. The editing could also had been a bit tighter in places. Certain moments for instance drag on for too long, as if their were afraid their short was going to end up being too short.

Big chance this short shall not surprise or impress you too much but it's an absolute fact that it's still being a very watchable one.


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