A friendly warning before starting things off; be aware of the fact that this really isn't being a serious zombie/demon movie but more one that is directed toward young teenagers. It does not only have the visual look of a kids movie but it's also being a childish one with comedy, characters, dialog and all of its situations.

It's a very infantile movie, in which there is never a sense of any danger or tension, also since its main characters are extremely busy with a whole bunch of stuff, such as getting the boy/girl and not necessarily with trying to survive or lifting the curse, even while clearly their lives are in danger and they have already lost some loved ones.

The good news is though that it's not being an horrible movie to watch. The movie does very little with its story, so it's also can't do an awful lot wrong. You could say that its simplicity saved this movie and still makes this a somewhat enjoyable flick, if you're in the mood for it.

It's definitely being a weird thing that this movie looks and feels like a children's movie, considering its premise and also its blood and gore. But this in every way looks and feels like a Nickelodeon movie, directed toward young teenagers. And it's not done in a satirically kind of way! It's just the movie its style, which for sure shall throw off a bunch of people already.

There is nothing wrong with a movie taking a more simplistic and comedy approach to things, after all, basically 90% of all zombie flicks are being extremely simplistic and straightforward ones but this movie just never gets clever or truly creative with anything, which causes most of its humor and situations to fall flat. Well, perhaps the movie is being creative at times, however mostly in a silly and just not all too effective way.

This movie is just being too simplistic and infantile to consider this a truly good or enjoyable genre flick but thrust me, there are far more worse genre movies to watch out there!


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