Perphaps it's true I was in the mood for something different and also expected this movie to be something else but fact of the matter remains that this isn't the most thrilling or best made and effective movie around.

Don't be fooled, this movie is by no means is a standard horror movie. It might look and sound like a slasher on paper and when looking at the poster but the movie in fact is being more like a mystery-thriller. And just not a very good or interesting one.

It's a big problem that the movie is trying to be clever, while mostly relying on formulaic or stupid, unconvincing plot developments. It even tries to be somewhat thought provoking and serious toward its subject, as if it all was based on a true story, while you can definitely tell, while watching it, that everything is purely fictional about this movie.

But what is even worse about all of it, that nothing really gets told in a good or interesting way. The movie has a very unpleasant pace to it, which is mostly being slow. It besides doesn't handle its mystery in a tense or interesting way. You'll have a hard time ever truly getting into this movie and once you do, the ending isn't really being anything all too rewarding.

So yes, this is a movie you could real easily do without! And is there anything good to say about it? Well, it still has a good look to it. Maybe it's being true that the film-makers were more concerned about creating a dark atmosphere and not so much about telling a good or intriguing enough story.

Personally, I even thought this movie was being mostly boring to watch and it took things too seriously and often made things needlessly complicated for itself. It kept dancing around its subject, without often really telling you anything. It makes the mystery about it mostly ineffective as well and I actually do believe that this movie could had potentially been a better one if it had a more straightforward approach. That way the movie at least would had been more pleasant to watch and might had provided the movie with some better and more interesting, though also more typical, genre moments.

It's not the worst thing you'll ever see but I really can't recommend this movie to anyone either.


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