It doesn't take much to realize that this movie is basically being a cheap knockoff of the hit movie "Taken". It uses a similar type of concept, that involves human trafficking and parents who are willing to do everything in their power to get their kid back. In this case that means hiring Jean-Claude Van Damme, to gun- and knock down a whole bunch of bad guys, all talking with very thick accents.

Well, what can I say. Last time I checked I was still a man, so yes, I'm definitely able to appreciate some silly, overblown action-flicks from time to time. That of course does not mean that I'm not capable of seeing what a stupid and cheap looking movie this is but in all truth and honesty, this didn't prevented me from simply enjoying this movie.

You have to take it for what it is. Don't think too much about its story or pay that much attention to the movie its acting and other blatant flaws and weaknesses. Just go along with this movie, it's the only way to enjoy and appreciate it! I must say that the one thing I didn't liked about this movie and prevented me from truly fully enjoying it was that it was a cheap looking movie. I hate it when modern movies have such a cheap, fake look to it and it too often takes me out of the movie. Now, I do admit that in this case it sort of grew on me and after a while I wasn't all that bothered with it anymore.

But there are of course plenty of other indications that this was a rather cheap movie to make. The action never gets big or truly spectacular to watch and mostly consists out of gunfights and hand-to-hand combat, with an occasional small (and fake looking) explosion. But really, as far as cheap action-flicks go, you could do way worse than this movie.

The movie is making some weird turns at times. I mean, some of the developments and sequences aren't exactly the most convincing ones, especially not when you really start thinking too deep about it. I though it was especially weird how Jean-Claude Van Damme occasionally disappeared out of the movie, while he clearly was supposed to be the one main 'good' guy. I don't know, perhaps there were some scheduling issues and some of the scenes had to be rewritten, so that other characters could take his place? It certainly came across that way, or perhaps Van Damme somehow got injured and had to skip on some scenes in this movie. After all, the guy is 51 already and he's still doing the same sort of stuff he used to do as a young guy in movies.

That's actually a great thing about this movie. As 'old' as Jean-Claude Van Damme looked at times in this movie, he still shows he's perfectly capable of handling action and of playing a convincing and charismatic enough action-hero type of role. It did wished he would stop putting his own children in his movies though. I don't know, it's always a sort of a cop out to me once a person starts putting his family members in his movies. What, the can't get in the industry on their own? There is probably a good reason for that if that would be the case. In this particular movie, one of his sons and daughter star opposite him, also in some quite big roles.

It's not the best made and also not the most credible action movies out there but I really can't call it a bad one either. It's definitely watchable and of course especially for those who are into the genre.


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