To be honest, I have always liked watching the Jason Bourne movies but I also was starting to get a bit fed up with them, since basically all of them are- and are doing the same thing. I however indeed wished that this movie in some ways was a bit more like the previous Bourne movies.

Thing I have always appreciated the Bourne-series for was that they turned the action genre into something more realistic again. All of the fights and chase scenes are shot in a realistic way and don't feel all that exaggerated. This movie definitely could had used some moments like that, or some more excitement in general.

The way I see this movie is not necessarily as a sequel but more as a reboot to the series, with a different main character this time around. They seem to be hoping to be able to continue the series with Jeremy Renner but they should focus on getting some better writers first.

Because it's a reboot, it mostly feels like a rehash of the previous Bourne movies as well. We have to be introduced to new characters, who yet are going through the exact same things as the ones in the previous movies. Aaron Cross is basically being Jason Bourne, on the run for his superiors, who want to shut down Treadstone again because of a YouTube video(!). And Rachel Weisz is basically playing the Franka Potente character. An 'innocent' bystander who due to circumstances gets involved- and has to team up with the main hero. So even though the movie is mostly doing different things it all still feels very familiar and more of the same, which makes you wonder what the Renner continuation of the series has to offer. Nothing new and nothing good unfortunately.

They start all over again but another problem with the movie is that Aaron Cross just ain't no Jason Bourne. Bourne was likable and you wanted to root for him. This movie doesn't ever give you any good reasons to care about the Jeremy Renner character and his faith. He is not as interesting and he doesn't have as much range as the Bourne character, in terms of depth and emotions.

Also because of this the whole story and movie feel lacking and it doesn't ever seem like it's going anywhere good or interesting with it. It doesn't work out half as well as it potentially still could had done. There is very little variety in the story and you feel that one or two twists could had spiced things up a little bit more but the movie doesn't ever surprises you in any way and is mostly being a very straightforward flick, without any good or clever developments. Perhaps it's true that this is being one of those movies that thought it was being more clever than it truly was. With its many dialog and people constantly scratching their heads and rubbing their eyes in despair, while looking at a bunch of computer screens, it certainly feels that way.

Director Tony Gilroy very obviously tried to mimic director Paul Greengrass, who directed the two previous Bourne movies, his style. So yes, shaky cams, sudden zooms, it's all still very present in this movie. It however in this case feels forced and that distracted from this movie. I even somewhat felt sorry for Tony Gilroy. He tried so hard and desperate but he most definitely just ain't no Paul Greengrass!

Before doing another Bourne movie, they should focus on getting a better and more interesting script first!


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