Thing that I like- and older porn flicks are known for, is that they are made with some class and at least some effort got put into its originality. Besides, they often feature a real story and got put together by people with an obvious passion and interest for film-making. This often resulted in some great and classic genre movies, which mostly came from the '70's and '80's. Movies with a good look to them and some true originality. None of that really goes for this movie though.

This movie is also often regarded as part of the whole porno chic movement but quite frankly I don't see why. It's just as silly and bad in its buildup as a modern porn flick for instance and most certainly doesn't have a good or professional look to it.

It has an incredible cheap look and at times the sound just simply cuts off. Really not all that pleasant to watch. It still uses some good extreme closeups though, which I thought was a nice touch.

You could say that it attempts to have a story in it but it's just one of those stories that serves as an excuses to have sex scenes rapidly following up on each other. It still feels very random though, even while it's all being connected through its story. Of course nothing convincing or realistic about this movie but hey, that most of the time isn't anything people are looking for in an adult movie anyway.

The sex scenes themselves really aren't anything special neither though, in my opinion. Even though this definitely is a hardcore flick, it's still nothing all that graphic really. It just isn't filmed all that well and at times you can't really tell what's happening. You could say that the movie only truly gets graphic with its extreme closeups but there are only just a handful of moments in this movie.

It's of course also incredibly painful to see people trying to act in this. It's all truly bad and it's not hard to see why these people were in the adult business, as opposed to being in the 'true' movie business.

Most definitely not the best or most fun the genre has to offer, not even if you're into this, classic, old fashioned, genre stuff.


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