Man, those French filmmakers must have thought they could get away with just about everything. Jean-Luc Godard movies are just too weird, even for my taste.

Make no mistake about it, Godard movies are more art than movies really. This means that you have to interpret most of the stuff that is happening in this movie on your own, since the movie makes no attempt to clearly lay out everything for you and you constantly need to invest yourself into this movie, which is I guess something that lots of people like to do but I just prefer a bit of a more straightforward told story, that gets you involved with its writing and acting and not just with its images.

That doesn't mean I can't appreciate this movie on some level though. Like I said, it's not like I don't understand it but I just don't like it very much. I can see exactly what this movie was trying to do and say with all of it satire and this is also why I'm still being mostly positive toward this movie. After all, it simply works out in the way it wants to, so how could I be negative about it. I can also see some people liking this kind of movie and go back to it, since you'll probably catch new little things every time you watch it.

Sometimes these sort of movies indeed could work out well for me but this movie just never clicked with me on any level. In essence it had a good and interesting story but the way it got told made this a too hard to follow and far from pleasant viewing experience. It's just a bit too artsy and too busy trying to say- and make a point about things, without telling a good, interesting and involving enough story.

It's a thinking man's movie, that constantly forces you to use your mind and own imagination to fill in certain blanks and to interpret certain images and pieces of dialog. IF this sounds like your type of thing, go ahead and watch it. If it doesn't, than simply stay away from it, as far as possible!


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