Don't think I really realized this before but while watching this movie I kept thinking to myself how incredibly influenced Stanley Kubrick must had been with Ingmar Bergman and his movies. The style, the pace, the compositions, the use of music, the use of visuals and overall cinematography, real comparisons could be drawn between the two film-makers.

But as far as Bergman movies go; they are also being a bit harder to really get in to, due to its themes and approach. You have to be in specific mood for them, so to speak and not have any other distractions around you. But once you really invest yourself into his movies, they are often very rewarding.

All of that can be said for this movie as well. It's minimal with its setup but complicated with its themes and characters. You could say that this is also really being a movie everybody will get something different out of, since everyone shall interpret things in their own way, which also truly makes this movie you simply have to experience for yourself.

The one shall enjoy it for its mysterious and mystique story, characters and environment, while the other shall appreciate it more for its underlying psychological themes. Either way, everybody should be able to get something out of this movie.

I really did see this movie as one that was focusing on the human psyche. Bergman tries to dissect the mind, breaks it down and builds it up again, by letting the characters go through some transitions, supported by some beautiful- and at times also somewhat psychedelic visuals.

Not that the movie feels all that weird or pretentious. I mean, once you really get into the movie and its characters there is very little strange about it actually and you can see and understand what the characters are going through and where the movie was aiming for.

Yet another greatly unique movie by Ingmar Bergman, that is great to watch, if you are in the right mindset for it.


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