The foremost thing that can let a documentary work out as a good and interesting one is its subject. And let me just say, I could barely finish watching this documentary!

There were several issues I was having with this documentary. The first is the most obvious one, that this documentary is focusing on four unrelated persons and completely different subjects. You could say that they are all connected through their passion for their work but there are millions of people out there with a passion for something. I mean, what makes these guys so special and worthy of featuring them in a documentary?

And that brings me to the other problem of that the documentary just doesn't ever manage to get deep or involving with anything. The way it's set up, is that it just lets its subjects talk about their work but it doesn't tell you anything about the person itself, or what drives and motivates him. You were supposed to take all of this out of the way they were talking about their work I suppose but it just didn't worked out too well for me.

It might had worked out for me if the different subjects were being a bit more interesting ones. But one involves a gardener, the other a robotics designer and the other a guy who is fascinated by mole rats. The one interesting subject involves a lion tamer but because every different subjects take up about as much screen time as the other, the documentary just doesn't ever find the time or space to let any of them work out as something good and interesting enough. It was really lacking some depth, which was due to the combination of its concepts and the approach to all of it.

It actually became a very repetitive documentary after a while, since nothing in it ever felt as if it was progressing and going anywhere interesting or surprising. The style also became repetitive and predictable after a short while. The style actually seemed to be the foremost thing that was supposed to keep this documentary together and provide it with pace and visual splendor (with the help of acclaimed cinematographer Robert Richardson) as well but it really started to work against the documentary after a while. It actually helped to prevent this documentary from ever becoming a well enough focused one.

I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying that, about half way through the documentary, I already got fed up with it and lost all interest. I really had a hard time finish watching it and when it finally did, I was glad it was all over with. It's not like I hated watching it but it just was a documentary I got absolutely nothing out of!


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