Of course this is not a movie for just about everybody but those who are able to appreciate a more subtle, quiet and artistic made movie, with great visuals and a slowly told story, this is a great watch!

You could basically enjoy this movie for two different things; either its storytelling or its visual directing approach by Kar Wai Wong. Really, if you just don't care very much about its story, this movie might still be a very worthwhile experience, due to its great looking visuals and vice versa. Or you of course could enjoy the movie simply for both of these two reasons, which isn't unlikely you will!

It's an odd thing, people describing this movie as a romance. Not that they are wrong about it, after all the movie is shot and told as such a movie but the story in fact is actually being far from romantic. I would even call this movie a reverse love-story, in which the main characters are loosing love instead of finding it and fall out of love instead of in love. It doesn't make this movie any less powerful, involving and even uplifting to watch though. It's not a depressing movie by any means, despite of its themes and more slower type of storytelling.

So it's a slower, more subtle and often visual orientated movie. Normally this style of film-making would often come across as pretentious, also because it's all obviously done in a deliberate and perhaps somewhat forced way. I mean, it's nothing that the movie truly needed to have in it but still it manages to add so much to the movie. It really helps to let the story move along and to establishes the mood for its characters and all of the particular situations. Even when not much is being said, you still exactly know what is going on in the character's minds at the moment.

It's a 'different' movie but that doesn't mean it's being a hard, or odd one to watch. It's a perfectly accessible movie, mostly also due to its clear and straightforward storytelling, that might dwell but never strays off. It's truly a movie you need to experience for yourself and chances are you'll absolutely be grabbed by its storytelling and visual approach!


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