While watching all of these Star Trek movies I realize all the more how it really isn't my kind of thing. There are far too many slow moments and not enough action or adventure and all of the characters are too well mannered/friendly and lack good personalities or a decent enough background story. Not that I hate watching the movies but it aren't being ones that I'm likely to ever revisit. This movie however might be an exception of this. It's surprisingly good and perfectly watchable and I'm not ashamed to say that I liked this movie better than either one of its two predecessors; "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

The foremost reason why this movie never was liked and received that well is because it focuses on brining Spock back to life, while many thought that the movie by doing this sort of betrayed what the much liked and appreciated "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" all did previously and this movie was just being a cheap way to continue the series, with Spock as a character and Leonard Nimoy as an actor involved again. But seriously I don't mind this at all. Spock always had been a far better and more fascinating character than Kirk for instance and the dynamic between him and the Kirk character always had been something the series relied and thrived on, so I'm glad they decided to bring him back.

Besides, it also works out well, within the realms of this movie and its story. It actually has a pretty decent story in it, with more adventure and excitement than any of two previous Star Trek movies, in my opinion. Perhaps the movie feels more fun and adventurous because it isn't constantly just set aboard the Enterprise and it's a traveling movie, in which the characters are constantly movie forward, toward its goal. It also causes the movie to not really feature any distracting slower moments in it.

It's not like everything works out well though. It still has some needless distractions in it, such as a bunch of plot lines and characters that easily could had been left out, or they should had developed them better, to make them more interesting. The whole Klingon thing for example. It would had been interesting for the movie to make Kruge (played by an unrecognizable Christopher Lloyd) and his gang the big evil villains of the movie but they hardly have an impact on the story and are just thrown in for the movie to have a couple of fight scenes. Things like this all prevent this movie from being a truly great movie but it still doesn't prevent it from being a pretty good and entertaining movie!

An underrated and under-appreciated Star Trek movie, in my opinion.


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