There once was a time Cuba Gooding Jr. was often starring in some pretty decent movies. Then there came a time he still starred in big productions but of questionable quality. Now he is at a B-movie level, along with Dolph Lundgren, who stars opposite him in this movie.

And honestly, I like dumb action flicks and there are plenty of enjoyable B-movies out there but this ons just really isn't one of them. I just couldn't ever enjoy this movie because of the simple reason that I had absolutely no idea what was going on in it.

Seriously, I just didn't even knew what its main story was supposed to be all about. It's getting told in such an incredibly messy and uninteresting way, that I also lost interest in it, pretty quickly. The story seemed to be an incredibly formulaic one anyway, complete with an obligatory love-story, so I doubt I missed out on anything.

So is there at least some decent action? Not really. Just a couple of gun fights and Dolph Lundgren occasionally smacks someone around but it's nothing too spectacular or anything that shall please the lovers of the action genre. Just don't watch this movie expecting a lot of Dolph Lundgren awesomeness. After all, these aren't the '80's anymore, no matter how desperately this movie tried to be just like an '80's genre flick at times.

It basically comes down to it that the movie got far too measly made and put together by director William Kaufman. My goodness, was this movie bad at times. The editing, the pacing, the storytelling, it all seems so incredibly off at times, which makes this movie nearly unwatchable at parts.

Cringingly bad! Just like all of the accents in this movie.


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