Talking about pointless movies that are going absolutely nowhere. I'm still confused about it what this movie actually tried to do and achieve.

It's obviously trying to be one of those movies that uses multiple inter-connected story lines, however in this case most of the story lines aren't even connected to each other, making some of them absolutely redundant for this movie, which also can be said for a lot of its characters. There isn't a clear enough main plot line and there are just too many distractions in it with characters that by the end add absolutely nothing to the story and let this movie go nowhere. You just keep waiting for this movie to do something clever, which will connect all of the different story lines or makes them come together by the end of it. None of this ever happens though, which also causes this movie to leave a lot of loose ends by the end of it. Characters disappear and story lines just end, without wrapping things up properly.

This movie might still sound good on paper but the execution of it is far too lacking.Director Fernando Meirelles really did a poor job with its storytelling and at trying to get its point across. There is just no good reason to watch this movie, though it's still far from the worst thing you'll ever see.

What also annoyed me about this movie were the many different languages spoken in it. Basically every character is from a different country and speaks a different language, which really doesn't add anything to this movie at all. It's really becoming a gimmick for these type of movies to do and is probably also supposed to let the movie come across as a more intellectual one but it's hard and tiresome to constantly have to adapt yourself to a different language, spoken on the screen.

It was also weird to see how the movie has some big name actors in it and just as many complete unknowns. Each are given an equal amount of screen time but what's a waste about it is that the A-list actors are all playing the most redundant characters out of this entire movie. Jude Law, Rachel Weisz, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Foster, seriously, this movie could had so easily done without any of them and their characters they were playing as well. It's almost as if their parts got specifically written for them later on, after the initial screenplay already was long finished and the rest of the movie had been cast already.

No, it's really a movie you could very easily do without!


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