In short, this is a good little short! Nothing too brilliant but it definitely does a lot of things well and remains a good watch, all throughout.

Thing that makes this movie is its premise, which I can't say anything about without spoiling the ending. Just watch and experience it for yourself. After all, its only about 6 minutes short, so it's not taking up a lot of your time and it's simply definitely being worth it as well. It's a good premise, in which its mystery gets maintained, right till the end. This ensures you'll stay interest in this movie and want to keep watching it, in order to find out where it will be taking you and how it all is going to end.

The movie is pretty good looking and got well and professionally put together. There were some minor editing and pacing problems I had with this movie at times and I also did wish there was a musical score to support it but overall, for a movie of this caliber, it's simply being a really good looking one, with a nice visual style and atmosphere to it.

The acting was also pretty good for what it was. Not that there was an awful dialog in this movie but at least you could tell the people involved took their job serious and put some serious time and effort into it, which can be said about those involved behind the cameras as well.

So all in all, there still was plenty of room for improvement but overall it's being simply a good watch, that is well worth your time! I probably would had preferred it if the movie was a bit longer and it probably would also had improved the movie its quality further and the story really could had benefited from this as well but who knows, maybe this movie is supposed to shorter version and case study for a longer movie, yet to come. I most likely would watch that movie as well, if that would be the case!


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