Ever since Oliver Stone stopped writing his own movies, his movies have been some incredibly mediocre ones, this one included. But mediocre still is far from the same as saying that it's also being a bad movie of course.

It's definitely far from a great movie but as a genre movie it serves its purpose well enough and also has some pretty good moments in it. It's flaws and writing prevent this movie from ever becoming a true must-see but it simply remains a good movie to watch, especially for those who are into these type of crime-thrillers, involving drug cartels.

It's not being the best written movie but I also do admit that it's not being the best told movie as well. The movie was definitely lacking some focus and too often was all over the place with its different characters and the movie didn't always had a good and pleasant flow to it. Besides, it was lacking some good, likable main characters. I mean, no matter how you look at it, the main characters are still some criminals, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and know very well they are breaking the law. I just had a hard time liking them for what they were and therefore also never felt involved with anyone of them, causing me also to never feel involved with the movie or get grabbed by any of its tension, emotions and plot developments.

The movie is also going at some weird places with its story at times and keeps changing directions. The one moment its being a crime-thriller, the other a romantic-drama and the other it suddenly turns into a typical, over-the-top action flick. You could say that the movie keeps surprising you but it doesn't exactly do this in the most convincing or entertaining way.

I wasn't too fond about its lead actors but luckily the movie does still have a solid supporting cast. Benicio Del Toro is always good in this sort of roles and it was nice to see Salma Hayek as a tough 'villain' for a change. John Travolta also shows that he can still be cool in movie and age doesn't hinder him.

This movie movie might still disappoint some Oliver Stone's fans but overall this is being a good genre movie, that still has some hints of a great movie in it.


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