No, I'm really not a person that likes everything that is French and 'old'. As a matter of fact, I'm not too big on Jean-Luc Godard and really don't like all of his movies. This movie however was one I nearly fell in love with.

In all truth and honesty, I was absolutely taken by its movie its style and approach. It's visuals were splendid and its subject manner was truly an unique and great one as well. It's a sort of a shame that the movie somewhat lost me in its middle part and its end also definitely wasn't as great as the beginning but overall this remains a movie I really admire and can be positive about.

Of course it's being an artistic movie but what I like about it is that its being quiet and subtle art. It doesn't ever goes over-the-top with any kind of weirdness and instead really takes its time to subtly show and tell you what this movie is all about.

The movie does truly feel like a moving painting. It's also because of the compositions and camera-work that the movie uses. It's filled with long shots, in which the camera is also occasionally slowly moving but never toward its subjects. It's being a very subjective, observing movie that views everything from a distance and doesn't use close-ups or any other movie tricks to bring out or emphasize certain emotions. I absolutely loved the cinematography and not just because of its use of vibrant colors.

It makes the movie almost an hypnotic one and completely sucks you in. Because of the movie its approach and overall style of storytelling, you are forced to constantly keep paying attention, which will suck you all the more into the movie itself. Even when there is very little happening or being said, it still feels like there is plenty going on in this movie and I also most certainly won't call this a boring one.

The movie is already a very special one for the fact that is stars the legendary director Fritz Lang in it, who is playing himself. He probably did it as a favor and out of respect for director Jean-Luc Godard, since Lang never starred in anything. It's basically good and fun to watch all actors in this, who each speak their own language. French, English, German and Italian gets constantly spoken throughout the entire movie, no doubt to also emphasize the differences and contrasts in the characters, who all have their own ideas about finishing a particular Fritz Lang directed movie. Besided the name of Lang, also the names of Brigitte Bardot and Jack Palance should arouse certain people's curiosity.

But the movie does not only tickle the brain and is a feast for the eyes, it's easily great to the ears, due to the wonderful classical musical score by Georges Delerue.

A true mesmerizing viewing experience!


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