Never really had any interest in watching this movie, since it got mixed reviews at the time of its release and it just never seemed like a very appealing movie to watch, also due to the fact that it got directed by Theo van Gogh, who I wasn't a particularly big fan of. But I think I should give his movies a second chance, since I actually really ended up liking this movie!

Think that one of the problems at the time was that this movie felt far too modern at the time, for normal Dutch cinema standards. This movie is more slick and stylish looking, like am expensive Hollywood production. It also was a movie that came too soon and used a questionable premise. It got made and released just 2 years after the murder of Pim Fortuyn and at the time the movie always got advertised and presented as the story behind the murder, while in fact this movie is truly a work of fiction. People were perhaps a bit offended by all of the conspiracy theories presented in this movie, as if it was being the Dutch "JFK".

And it was no big secret that director Theo van Gogh truly admired Pim Fortuyn and some of his ideologies. I think that therefore also some people had a problem with the movie its objectivity but in all truth, this all hardly seems an issue nowadays. I had absolutely no problem with this movie and simple watched it as a fictional thriller, based on some true events.

It's still a bit ridicules to see how everybody seemed to be against Pim Fortuyn in this movie. The police, politicians and plenty of other groups and ethnicities all wanted to get rid of Fortuyn and were more than happy to conspire in his murder and cooperate with each other. I was however able to step over this fairly easily, simple because the story itself was some good thriller material. Again, as a work of fiction this movie is truly great and even somewhat tense, so please, also just simply look at it that way and as nothing more and nothing less as simply just that.

It's a fast paced movie with some great direction and style to it, that takes the story too many different places. There are plenty of great thriller developments and characters in this movie, that help to keep the movie and its story interesting, no matter how far fetched the movie gets at times.

The professional approach and style to its story are the foremost reason why this movie works out so well. It doesn't even feel like Dutch movie at all and is more like a well written and well put together American production, in which everything feels right and comes together. Story, cinematography, acting, directing, all of it combined makes "06/05" a more than just good or average thriller. It's simply a great genre movie, that works out surprisingly well as such!


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