No doubt this movie was an attempt at bringing back the good old fashioned rock musical to the big screen but it really for most part is being a failed attempt.

I didn't expected a full blown musical but make no mistake about it; this is really a musical, in which its characters occasionally suddenly burst out into singing. It's not exactly my favorite thing to watch but as it turned out, this was actually the least problem I had with this movie.

The singing and music in the movie is actually quite good and also what makes this movie still somewhat enjoyable to watch. Granted that there are a bit too many songs in it at times but overall I can't really complain or so many bad things about it.

The foremost problem of this movie remains its script, that is being far too formulaic and simplistic. Besides, it has too many different characters in it, with as a result that movie can feel a bit messy at times and most definitely not focused well enough. It's also a problem that its main story is about the least interesting out of all the different stories and the same goes for its two main leads, played by Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta.

Yes, the movie has so many big names and great stars in it but yet it decides on featuring two big unknown in the leading roles. They just aren't very interesting or fun to watch and besides their whole love thing just wasn't all that convincing. Why do these two persons fall in love exactly? There just isn't really enough chemistry between the two of them and they seem more focused on performing their songs.

The supporter cast, with actors such as Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bryan Cranston involved, is definitely way better and is still what's saving the movie and keeping it a somewhat fun and watchable enough one. But again, there are just too many characters in this movie, which each their own thing going on and it also doesn't help much that every actor in this movie acts as if she/he is in their entirely own movie. It makes some of the plot lines and characters also feel terribly out of place, which also can be said for its humor.

You could say that the movie its humor is being a bit too goofy at times, which also can be blamed on its lazy writing, that was uninspired and without any true original or creative moments. It also all really makes the movie feel needlessly overlong. There just was no good reason for this movie to be about 2 hours long and they could and should had shortened it with at least 30 minutes.

Not horrible or a movie that I hated but there is nothing about it that is being ever truly great or successful at what it is trying to achieve.


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